Thing in a Box

1. Each day, the bearer can use the Thing to burn 1d6 points of spellburn. However, the bearer must then in turn feed the Thing that amount of HD worth of creatures, dead or alive, by cramming it in the feeding slot. It’s messy.

2. Once per level, the caster may spend 24 hours communing with the Thing. At the end, the caster makes a DC 15 Will Save. A successful save means that the Thing will teach the caster a random spell; a failed save means the caster takes 1d6 points of Personality damage, one of which is permanent.

3. The Thing attracts magic and magical creatures.

4. The caster has a -1 on saves vs. spells.

5. Doomsday option: if things are going horribly, why not let the Thing out of the box? It will probably kill whatever is bothering you. It will likely kill you too, but maybe not and hey, you were going to die anyway, right?

The small wooden box is wrapped in rune-inscribed chains. There is a small feeding slot on the face of the box. Occasionally a bloodshot eye peers from the slot along with a glimpse of tentacle. The box occasionally rattles, mutters or gurgles.

What the Thing in the Box is, no one can say for sure. Legend tells that Sezrekan himself, as a young and arrogant mage, pulled the Thing from the nether regions of the Outer Dark and bound it by powerful magicks. The same legend says that this cost the Great One dearly, and that his young bride was never seen nor heard from again. Young bride? You say you never heard of Sezrekan having been married? Whispers tell that the poor woman’s very existence was erased. Of course, if that were true, how could we be talking about this at all? The only thing known for certain is that no one who has ever asked Sezrekan himself about his missing wife has lived to tell the story…

The dwarven god gifted Souka Yant with certain arcane information that would allow her to summon a minor devil. While performing these midnight rituals in the woods near Zelkor’s Ferry, Souka Yant called up an imp in the mood to party. And party they did. Despite her advanced age, the old hag wore the poor creature out, and when he woke, he found himself magically bound. Through subtle and overt encouragement that lasted for several days, Souka Yant was able to extract from the imp a powerful item, the Thing in a Box. Once freed, the imp cursed the elderly witch and swore half-hearted vengeance before disappearing in puff of sulfurous smoke. It was almost like he was glad to be rid of the box. Still, making an enemy of an underworld creature can’t be a good idea…

Thing in a Box

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