Thief's Three-Sided Coin

The coin only imparts a benefit or drawback to Lawful or Chaotic Thieves. To Neutral thieves, it just appears as a normal coin.

The coin wills it’s owner to flip it every morning and can only be flipped once per day. If the owner does not want to flip the coin, they must make a DC 10 Will Save to resist doing so. Once flipped, the coin imparts the following until flipped again.

Lawful – If the owner is Lawful, their thief skills are as a thief of twice their level. If Chaotic, their thief skills are as a thief of half their level (rounded down) and if Level 1, they lose all their thief skills.

Chaotic – Same as the lawful face of the coin only the opposite effects for alignment.

If a thief possess multiple coins, their effects may cancel each other out or stack (x4, x.25, etc.)

Thief's Three-Sided Coin

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