Rappan Athuk Rumors

“Solid mithral gates bar the way into a great treasure horde guarded by a lich in the great cavern. If one can access them, they would be richer than an emperor.”

“The goblins of the dungeon are actually mutated giants. Although they are small and stunted in appearance, they are incredibly strong.”

“Inside a great labyrinth lies a strange mushroom that can restore youth to a human. They are blue with red spots, and lie under a bridge.”

“Giant scorpions guard the way to the tomb of a fell king.”

“Deep within the dungeon there is said to be a place where the light of the noonday sun still shines; this place is abhorred by the foul creatures that live within the caves and caverns.”

“The entrance to Hell lies deep in a maze complex. It can be found only by swimming through a pool of water.”

“The dungeon was originally a good fortress built to protect the advancing hordes of evil. Evil overcame its defenders.”

“Orcus put a curse on the complex when he built it. Any that disturb his temple will become slaves of darkness, never to return.”

“Many back entrances to the most famous of dungeons are said to lie in the wilderness, but the hills are so riddled with caves that finding these entrances is all but impossible if one knows not where to look.”

“As the great mage Speigle said, ‘Beware of purple worms.’ A wise man heeds his advice.”

“The goblin city’s entrance lies unguarded. The goblins allow free trade with anyone who visits them.”

“A great library, once the property of the followers of Orcus, lies forgotten in a hidden level. Though it contains works of great evil, it also holds books that could be of great value to sages and adventurers as well.”

“A potent artifact called the Seal of Power was carried into the dungeon long ago by the mage-priest Donov. He hoped to use it to seal away the evil, restless spirits of the dungeon.”

“Orcus put a curse on the complex when he built it. Any that disturb his temple will become slaves of darkness, never to return”

“Recently the champion Corondel fought and defeated the green dragon Springdread in the Forest of Hope. Corondel subsequently disappeared. It is rumored that the dragon was merely badly wounded, and now lurks deep within the forest, killing all who stray too deep.”

“A powerful illusionist lives near the surface. Do not believe everything you see. He is cannibalistic and possesses great powers.”

“A rich gold mine can be found if one can find a cavern with a man-made river channel and defeat the monsters there.”

“I heard a giant black dragon was seen in the hills to the west. They say it serves a demon!”

Rappan Athuk Rumors

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