Shield +1, + 3 vs Chaotic creatures

Shield glows with a 30’ light, makes sneaking impossible unless you cover the face of the shield

If the bearer breaks an oath, knowingly or unknowingly, he/she takes 3d6 damage.
The face of this silver metal shield is covered in writing, the language is celestial and the text is a long, elaborate prayer to the Goddess of Justice and Oaths.

This beautiful shield was made for a paladin of Justicia who carried it into battle for many years. The warrior maiden fell fighting the forces of Rappan Athuk and was buried with the shield by her followers in the a barrow among the hills north of Rappan Athuk. The barrow is magically sealed and can only be opened by a worthy soul in possession of the appropriate passwords. Once opened, the hero must spend 24 hours in silent meditation at the foot of the warrior maiden herself. If found worthy, he or she will receive Oathkeeper.

The dwarven god whispered the passwords to the barrow in Baba Zeez’s ear, and the next day he set out for the barrow mound. Fighting bandits and dodging dangerous monsters, the old man arrived after several days at the burial site of the warrior maiden. After clearing the entrance of the barrow, Baba recited the mystical prayers and watched as the stones opened before him. The interior of the mound was quiet and peaceful, and Baba took his place at the foot of the plain stone sarcophagus. Though he did not sleep, he still had strange visions of being visited by a mighty warrior clad in shining silver armor. Her glowing eyes pierced his heart but found him worthy. In the morning, Baba rose to find the silver shield sitting at his feet. A voice extracted an oath: To carry the battle against chaos into Rappan Athuk, even if it meant his death. If he is successful, he must return Oathkeeper to the barrow and give up the way of the warrior in order to dedicate his life to serving the poor and wretched as a mendicant priest.


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