Fater's Blessing

+1 Warhammer, +3 vs. Giants

This warhammer only functions in the hands of a Dwarven Priest of Dwerfater. If not already proficient with a warhammer, the priest wielding Fater’s Blessing is automatically proficient with the weapon. Fater’s Blessing acts as a normal warhammer in the hands of any other Lawful or Neutral wielder. Any Chaotic wielder will be cursed in some horrible manner.

Once per combat encounter, the priest wielding Father’s Blessing can heal a colleague for their level in HD. However, Dwerfater might decide to call back those he blesses and there is a small chance the character that received the blessing might drop dead following the end of the combat the blessing was provided. The probabilities of this occurring are below. These do not stack from blessing to blessing and can’t be altered in an manner (luck, magical aids, etc.).

1% – Lawful Dwarf
2% – Lawful Character
5% – Neutral Character
10% – Chaotic Character

A character that dies in this manner has no chance of returning, they are with Dwarfater now.

Fater's Blessing

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