Rappan Athuk

Delve 14
Sessions 34 to 42

Session 34
3 XP (not so much as for killing the black skeleton as avoiding a deadly trap)
3 CP

Session 35
3 XP
1 CP
1 small pouch that resists soiling
41 GP

Session 36
3 XP
20 CP
60 GP (the dwarves quickly determine they’re painted lead, so 0 GP)
3 boney scrolls (cast at 20: charm person, ward portal, sleep)

Session 37
3 XP

Session 38
1 XP
120 SP
tarnished, runed helm with missing chinstrap (Baba Zeez)

Session 39
3 XP
Gold chain with ruby (30 GP)

Session 40
3 XP
Magical potion, 2 doses ($2-8)

Session 41-42
Magic broom
300 SP
4 XP
silver-edged two-handed sword

Delve 15
Sessions 43 to 49

Session 43
1 XP
cash awarded

Session 44
1 XP

Session 45/46
2 XP
4 SP
5 CP
1 garnet (20 SP)
230 GP
420 SP
290 CP
plate mail
dwarven plate mail
misc arms & armor (150 lbs worth 100 GP)
Thorn, +1 dagger of elven make
Gerndar’s Fist, +2 grey dwarven warhammer, chaotically aligned, requires weekly sacrifice…
potion of treasure finding

Session 47
2 XP (4 XP to level 0s who acted; 2 XP otherwise)
in-game weapon upgrades
evil-looking enigmatic blue-black leather book with silver glyphs
1 dark purple cloak & robe
several kris knives

Session 48/49
4 XP (8 XP to level 0s – ding!)
gold holy symbol of Orcus (80 GP)
bloodstained gold altar service (140 GP)
2 gigantic fire opal eyes (2000 GP)

18 Firemoot 945
Evening, underground, "Marthek's Place"

Weeks had passed since they lost Baba Zeez in the second level of Rappan Athuk. He did not look well for the time passing. Still ambulatory, though not as articulate, he and a couple dozen crazed ghouls fought off the party. Over many years, these creatures amassed a hoard of treasure, which the party had stumbled upon the last time they were here. The day Baba sacrificed himself so the rest could flee. Today Souka Yant sent her charmed gargoyles to bring him down again as he mindlessly strived to bite his former colleague’s eyes out. Grumbly frothed at the mouth as Dwerfater banished the undead at his beckoning.

In all, the loot they found seemed enough to covered expenses for some time. Athalis would certainly be able to keep them fed until Judgment Day on iron rations, from the copper coins alone. The silver looked like it’d cover the inn tab for the rest of the year, the remaining gold covering armor and weapons repair with enough left over to keep the party drunk through winter if they wanted.

Not to mention a magical elven dagger, a potion, and a black-headed warhammer of grey dwarven design, whose burlwood haft thrummed with chaotic power as Souka sensed it with her spell.

The party was tired though. A black skeleton nearly surprised them as they patched up their wounds. Athalis knew the way to a storage room, where they hoped to spike the door shut, try to get a solid night’s rest. After wiping the ghoul menace from this level, it seemed a fair chanceā€¦


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