Souka Yant

She's one sexy old lady!


Appearance: The right side of her face is paralyzed. Her hands are pale white. She has horrid pustules on her face. One of her legs is six inches longer than the other.

Wizard (XP 153/190)
Armor: none
Melee: staff
Range: darts x2

Right Hand: Wand of Mortal Magic
Left Hand: Torch

Coins: 23 gp, 2 sp, 7 cp
1) Detect Magic, Mystical Mask, Magic Missile, Magic Shield, Chill Touch, Charm Person, Knock, Mirror Image

Magic Item: Wand of Mortal Magic—2 HP to gain +1d on the spell check, 4 HP to gain +2d on the spell check (3/day)
Magic Item: Thing in a Box
Potion: Stone to Flesh

-1 on saves vs. spells (Thing in a box)


Souka Yant

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