Rappan Athuk

A Dangerous Spell!

Atropos Blade

Having learned the spell called Atropos Blade, a power given by The Three Fates to their servants in need of magical enchantment to make their swords quite formidable, Athalis has learned that calling on this ‘gift’ comes at great cost. Someone known to him will die, their life force pulled into the blade and expended as they cry out their last breath into his mind.

But who is taken when he uses this dread power? The elven wizard has a living past after all, for nobody’s life story is forged in the middle, with no beginning. And Athalis has a family that includes parents and siblings, aunts and cousins, even grandparents and great uncles that are long-lived like any elf. As well he has a work life that he left behind to become an adventurer. He began as an apprentice to a well-known artisan after finishing his basic schooling – just as many young elves do. After a time, he made his own business, having a strong fascination with ancient cultures and artwork, restoring artifacts to new condition while maintaining their historic integrity. He had a few regular clients that would bring him such trinkets either to sell or pay for his fine work in restoring the item for their own private collection.

It was one of these pieces in fact, brought to him by a smuggler he worked with many times, that led him to seek Rappan Athuk. For the ancient statue depicting three women that he was given to restore reached out to him with its magic, sending visions and promises of great power waiting to be found. Perhaps it was his elvish blood, sensitive to magic such as this, that allowed to him see such visions. Or perhaps it was merely a whim of The Three Fates. Regardless, Athalis set foot upon that path and now he holds the fate of his family, old friends and new acquaintances in his hand. And The Three Fates smile as the names are writ upon the material they weave like a list, each with a thread that can and will be cut every time Athalis asks them for the power of the Atropos Blade…

Roll a d70 when spell is successfully cast to determine the fate of a known acquaintance!!

1 – Father
2 – Mother
3 – Younger Sister
4 – Older Sister
5 – Brother-in-law
6 – Nephew
7 – Niece
8 – Cousin
9 – Younger Brother
10 – Sister-in-law
11 – Niece
12 – Grandfather (Maternal)
13 – Grandfather (Paternal)
14 – Grandmother (Paternal)
15 – Party Member
16 – Uncle (Paternal)
17 – AuntDEAD
18 – Cousin
19 – Cousin
20 – Uncle (Paternal)
21 – Aunt
22 – Cousin
23 – Uncle (Maternal)
24 – Great Aunt (Paternal)
25 – Great Uncle
26 – Great Aunt (Maternal)
27 – Childhood EnemyDEAD
28 – Childhood Friend
29 – Childhood Friend
30 – Childhood Best Friend
31 – Childhood Best Friend’s Mother
32 – Childhood Best Friend’s Father
33 – Childhood Best Friend’s Sister (had a crush on her…)
34 – Childhood Favorite Teacher
35 – Childhood Least Favorite Teacher
36 – Apprenticeship Master
37 – Apprenticeship Master’s Husband
38 – Apprenticeship Master’s Daughter
39 – Fellow Apprentice
40 – Fellow Apprentice’s Husband
41 – Fellow Apprentice’s Elder Son
42 – Fellow Apprentice’s Younger Son
43 – Ex-girlfriend (left on good terms)
44 – Ex-girlfriend (left on bad terms… see affair below…)
45 – Artisan Shop Landlord
46 – Residential Landlord
47 – Former Roommate
48 – Former Roommate (such an asshole…)
49 – Bartender
50 – Adult Friend
51 – Adult Friend
52 – Adult Friend’s Wife (had an affair with her…)
53 – Adult Friend’s Daughter (could be his own daughter?)
54 – Merchant smuggler dealing in ancient artifacts
55 – Regular Client
56 – Regular Client
57 – Regular Client
58 – Weapons Trainer
59 – Kalgor the Gemcutter
60 – Ulman Dark
61 – Rasmus Pye
62 – Meregen Pye
63 – Big Morgan
64 – Odo Bristleback
65 – Favorite Barmaid at Bristleback Inn
66 – Least Favorite Barmaid at Bristleback Inn
67-70 (or rolled a DEAD acquaintance again) – Very casual acquaintance at GM’s pleaseure (maybe someone he met by chance at some point in his past or during the adventure?)

Rolled 17 on 2/12: Aunt Fridi dies. Damn… I really liked the cookies she brought to us every Yuletide.

Rolled 27 on 4/29: Childhood Enemy dies. I always hated that no-good little punk that always pulled down my shorts during gym class…


grimwater Steve_W

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