Rappan Athuk

27 Highsun 945 (1)

The next morning, underground, one level below the Lair of the Dung Monster

It was a dark and stormy night.

No. They were underground still. Their resources were dwindling, and their gods were angry at the constant interruptions this morning. Not even noon yet as best they could guess, and already they were looking for a place to hole up after the chance encounter with a pack of ghoulish undead.

On the upside, after spiking themselves into a room, and even “un-picking” the lock to ensure it stayed shut, they had a little time to detect for magic, and as luck would have it there was a bit. In a smashed chest, in a padded slot not obvious to casual inspection, was a 4-slotted potion bottle. Grit took a swig right away, just had to see what happened.

Thankfully he neither died nor turned into a monster. He just felt “oogly” inside for a moment. A diseased party member tried it too, since who knows, but it didn’t help The Rot that was starting. So they stashed the other two does for sometime when Grit was really thirsty.

In the morning they had a pair of black skeletons waiting for them outside the door! Their fear-scream sent half the party running into the corners of the room. However those remaining thought quickly and banished one while fighting the other. The banished one went off into the darkness, and after ending the other, the party strode off in the other direction.

Down the next corridor they came across a door of ebony bound in gold just beyond a strangely cold secret door. The ebony door radiated evil beyond and had an unusually complex-looking internal lock, so the party messed around with the secret door. Inside was a hovering silver sphere, which seemed to be creating an intense cold in the room. Baba Zeez ran in to see if there was anything of obvious value within, and it nearly cost him some skin it was so cold. Well, they’d found a meat locker if they needed one…


grimwater grimwater

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