Rappan Athuk

27 Highsun 945 (2)

Second day underground, one level below the Lair of the Dung Monster

First, the party stumbled in upon a troop of ogres doing some sort of monotonous coin-sorting. Knowing them for the evil fuckers they are, the party launched in against the ogres. Spells dropped and ogres fell under the spell of Souca Yant, but still one of them got away, running into a dark cavern with dirt ceiling a-crumbling.

Second, the adventurers found the largest piles of coin they’d ever laid eyes upon, and some of it was out of view! Trouble was there were at least a score of foul-smelling undead guarding it. The fight started alright, but the party’s numbers were pretty quickly overwhelmed by the unending onslaught of walking dead reeking of an open grave.

The glint of gold and gems within torchlight, they combated the ghouls, but in the end it was impossible. Baba Zeez even came to a sad demise, sacrificing himself so that his allies could flee this certain death. If he was ever to be seen again, frighteningly, it would probably be as one of these same undead.

Thinking Baba’s death was sign to hightail it out of Rappan Athuk, the band headed back toward the central room with the stair that went up into the dung-heap-smelling first floor. They hoped not to run into the shit-monster, but before they could worry about that they remembered the black skeletons were still locked into the entry room!

The fight was on once again, and one after another black skeleton strode into the lantern light. Things looked dire, and there was no better known way out…


grimwater grimwater

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