Rappan Athuk

25 Highsun 945 (3)

Late evening, underground, Lair of the Dung Monster

Kit turned around just in time to see the corpse of a giant rat hovering in midair behind the party. It took a half second to register the other floating dungeon detritus – bones, leaves, rocks – behind a shimmering wall that had no business being there. “Cube!” she shouted, recognizing the legendary monster, and as she shoved her allies aside, she was engulfed by the thing as it surged forward. Sharp electric paralysis struck every nerve in her body as she painfully became immobilized in the thing’s body.

Grumbly banished the creature as it carried Kit, apparently causing great discomfort to it without hurting Kit. The rest of the party was reluctant to act for fear of harming their friend, so they just followed as it oozed into a rathole. The banishment spell was still hurting it, but not fast enough, and who knows if Kit would survive much longer. Soon it might squeeze into tunnels too small to follow, so Beilar used her ring of Lesser Elven Magic Sucking, firing three magic missiles into it, evaporating the remaining jelly. Kit slumped to the ground.

Grit was quick to help Kit, carrying her, smelling her, playing with her hair. It was strange to the others, but he didn’t care. Even after the party brokered an easy way across a covered pit trap that sprained Radek’s ankle, he leapt across with Kit in his arms.

Anyway, the option presented itself, as it does, to go north or south outside of the red-ant-skeleton-with-poisoned-deck-of-cards room, and the party chose north, away from the strange iron plate set out to make a pling sound every now and then when water drips fell on it.

The door before them had been blasted asunder in some previous incident, and several arrows were stuck in the wall nearby. They cautiously moved into the room, except for Grit, who gleefully clomped around. A desk in the corner contained a half dozen glass bottles, a few of which contained clear liquid, one of which even detected for magic. They stowed the items for now, continuing to literally follow their noses, which had been reeling against the rank smell of feces and rot pervasive here.

Athalis noted there was an obviously ajar secret door in the northwestern portion of the cavern, and this led to a room that smelled even worse than everything that they’d come across before. Dead center of the room there lay a latrine seating arrangement, three holes cut, and one covered with a rather nice looking white stone surface. Keeli had an evil detection spell in effect, which screamed a warning to her that the white latrine seat was not safe at all. While she focused her evil-detecting beam at it, the party approached cautiously.

And suddenly the white stone seat erupted into a massive quivering blob of animated goblin shit, moving to attack with some awful pseudopod of dung. Grumbly tried to banish this thing too, and even more effective, the beast made of excrement disappeared to wherever it came from.

Of course someone had to jump into the bogs since a dwarf smelled “a lot” of gold down there. Kit having woken and Grit now bored again, he jumped down into the shit. Luck favored him in some way, as he twisted his ankle on the little bag in the muck that contained the money he was told was there. He pushed his luck a little farther, sloshing around chest-deep in the crap of who-knows-what, but no further treasures were to be found. He called up to his allies to throw him a rope, who thought about it for a second, then acquiesced.

Everyone was ready for some grub and a place to sleep, preferably nowhere near Grit. It had been a long day, and none had died, so spirits were understandably high, despite the wretched smells and certain doom around the next corner.


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