Rappan Athuk

19 Firewane to 23 Firewane 947



19 Firewane 77F, no wind, cloudy, drizzle
20 Firewane 78F, light wind, cloudy
21 Firewane 73F, moderate breeze, few clouds
22 Firewane 74F, clear, gentle breeze
23 Firewane 73F, clear, fresh gale (30mph)


A month passed since they last ventured away from town. Recovery of health and the need to cash in on their plundering of the Upper Temple took them away from returning to Rappan Athuk.

But of course, return they did when the time was right. The adventure started quietly, no wind at all and a light drizzle that didn’t let up for a day. The overland journey was quiet too until they reached the Sinnar Ocean. Not far from where they’d seen ocean-faring brigands in the past, they detected the presence of ne’er-do-wells by their cooking smells. Badda Gruk sneaked through the tall grass to get the drop on them, but they didn’t seem to have much worth taking, and they noticed her first.

The party decided to leave this lot alone after the neutral encounter, but the next dawn that group and a half dozen others tried to surround the party while they slept. Neep was on guard and sharp as could be when he saw grasses moving unnaturally in the predawn light. He tried casting a spell while Kati woke the party, but it failed to go off. However, the party’s preparedness and apparent ability to weave magic caused half the attackers to back away immediately. The rest fled after Kati clove two into four and the rest of the band started getting their gamefaces on.

The rest of the journey to Rappan Athuk’s mausoleum was uneventful. As they turned inland to make for the sunken graveyard, they reviewed their known options with their newfound allies Hank, Wesley, and Rupert. A massive statue of a dwarf stood in the center, a plaque at its feet. Several ratholes burrowed into the earth among hundreds of gravestones that hung together in clumps. The smaller east and west mausoleums were still open, having been broken into some months back. The main southern one though was back in its complete and pristine condition: 8 green gargoyles and massive steel double doors with an impossible-looking lock.

Neep demonstrated what he learned from watching Souka Yant and charmed nearly the lot of them. He ordered the seven he controlled to destroy the one remaining, and with hardly lifting a finger, the party regained control of the exterior of the mausoleum. Now if only they could bypass those huge steel doors…

Delve 16


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