Rappan Athuk

19 Firemoot to 18 Firewane

Upper Temple of Orcus, Zelkor's Ferry, and Eastwych

The party wasted no time in gathering what they could from the chaotic enclave of clerics, hundreds of pounds of chain mail armor and a sackful of gold holy symbols and altar settings devoted to Orcus. Souca Yant sent her babies to collect the giant fire opal eyes, and after an hour of clawing and scrabbling, they were able to pull them free.

The day-long reset on the trap that guards the above-ground mausoleum had not completed, so the party holed up in a room near the ladder that would eventually clear to lead them out. During the wait, a clear gelatinous blob took Souca’s gargoyles by surprise, but the party overcame the common creature before it could do any serious harm. Finally, the hours passed, and they heard the trapfloor reset, and Souca felt well enough to move again.

As they finally escaped, the sun was only just up judging from the half-light in the sunken cemetery in which the great mausoleum lay. The rain that afternoon as they reached the ocean was the last bad weather they saw those four warm days of Firemoot.

Feeling somewhat recovered on the trek back to Zelkor’s Ferry, Souca had a nearly fatal experience as she cracked the Tome of Ineffable Foulness they had discovered, a leather-bound tome that forebode evil from the runes on its cover. Shocks of chaos energy coursed through her, knocking her hard to the ground. If not for her allies to recover her from the system shock, she’d have died. Later, they thought to try to sell it to Ulman Dark, the “necromancer” of Zelkor’s Ferry, and while they could see an inkling of interest, he declined to buy it. So they burned the thing in the fire at the inn.

They sold a half-ton of arms and armor and melted-down gold formerly purposed to the worship of Orcus. Big Morgan had been working with them a while now, and they worked out a good deal for the arms, and Kelgor didn’t see that the old use of metal had any bearing on its new use and happily melted the gold down. Couldn’t help with gems like those fire opals though, unless the party would take a fraction of their worth for one.

So they waited a tenday for all members to fully regain their health, and then the party undertook a fortnight’s journey to Eastwych to find a buyer for the pair of gems. In the big city, it was still hard to find a fair price, but in the end they were pleased at the trade.

In the meantime, a few partiers went out on the town and had a good old time! Souca stood up for herself in a barfight, which could have turned out much worse, and Aminatu threw a wad away on games of chance. Wesley got really drunk and proudly boasted how he’d slay every Orcus he found in Rappan Athuk. This boast was met with much good natured guffawing, but Wesley really means it.

Delve 15


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