Rappan Athuk

19 Firemoot 945 (2)

Morning, underground, Upper Temple of Orcus

Grumbly the Dwarf had been working up a lather in his beard as he approached this area. No one knew for sure what it was about, but Dwerfater was channeling through him in some way, and as the party found the massive double doors that would lead to the Upper Temple of Orcus, he stated, “We are here.”

No one knew what that meant, that crazy dwarf always going on about something or other, so Souka Yant cast an opening spell to handle the door at a distance after Badda claimed a magical trap lay at the doors threshold. The vision in the room beyond caused all to forget Badda’s warning: nearly a score of chaos-priests seemed to be preparing for their arrival! Their leader called out and cast a spell on the front of the party, who immediately felt a bit out of sorts.

Many charged in, seeing spellcasters everywhere, fearing being demolished at range before getting a chance to respond. Souka’s gargoyles crushed several priests before being overtaken by a flying demon enveloped in a cloud of inky blackness. The cries from the demon-thing and the gargoyles was suddenly cut off for all standing in the hallway as another spell created an impenetrable zone of silence.

Athalis stepped to and cast a spell causing the leader and a few of his cronies to fall into a magical slumber from which they’d not awaken for nearly a week! The tide of battle seeming turned, the party surged in and began slaying chaos clerics of Orcus. Souka’s magic missiles struck down the demon-thing with the sphere of darkness, and Athalis let loose with another magical slumbering spell. The few still awake or alive, surrendered before they were swiftly murdered.

As the party moved to tie up the prisoners, Badda sprinted to where the leader lay asleep and slit his throat. She could see there was plate mail beneath his priestly vestments, more appealing even than the gold holy symbol around his neck. She started unfastening the mail as the party did the same to the lesser priests, scavenging every scrap they can.

As the party collected their seemingly-easily-won loot from this unholy temple, from the shadows came a scratchy whisper of a spell being cast by a form which turned out to be a black-mist-enshrouded female form clad in ghostly plate, who seemed to float silently an inch off the floor. The magic she threw caused half the party to hear clanging bells and alarms, sending some to wander off into the darkness and others to attack their allies!

After Wesley punched Souka Yant in the head, she cast a spell that duplicated her image. Now two Souka Yants winked at Gosu as he haplessly held the torches for everyone to see by. Squib was stabbed before anyone knew what was going on, and Grumbly was running for the door. The ghostly creature nearly slew Badda, sucking his life essence from him with only touch, leaving him permanently weakened.

Mortal weapons had no effect on this undead female warrior-mage that stood before them. Hank’s and Aminatu’s striking it was harmless as spearing smoke, yet her fierce retorts felt most solid. Kati felt her chill grasp through armor and flesh and bone, staggering her mortal being. Only magical weapons would make contact, Kati and Barak discovered, and in a daring finale Aminatu snatched up the unconscious Badda’s elven dagger, ram it home in the warrior-mage’s face.

Finally it seemed quiet. The 40’-foot tall statue of Orcus peered down at them through massive fire opal eyes. Badda peered back with his prybar in hand…

Delve 15


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