Rappan Athuk

11 Highsun 945


A week after returning to Zelkor’s Ferry, Grumbly heard the call from Dwerfater that he must come with his companions to a hidden dwarven sacred stone in the woods across the Canyon River. The journey was brief, Grumbly intuitively knowing the way to follow through the forest. Strange dwarven runes were carved into a great rock that jutted from the ground atop the hidden hill, and here Grumbly approached ahead of his companions, Keeli, the worshiper of Cthulhu staying farthest back.

The dwarf kneeled, head bowed, his gray beard sweeping the earth before him, and he communed with Dwerfater. His friends, watching the experience, saw a gray glow slowly emanating from Grumbly as his deity touched him from beyond this plane, and as they watched the glow increased. In a sudden bright gray flash that felt like getting hit by a sandstorm, bathing even Keeli, standing some 40 feet away from the jutting stone, the party sensed a great boon but also a deep compulsion.

The blessing of Dwefater was truly immense, but the accompanying geas was equally so. Within one year, all those present – Grumbly, Beilar Zhen, Sooka Yant, Athalis, Radek Angdur, Baba Zeez, Kit, Kati, Thasaidon, Neep Farrow, Badda Gruk, Keeli – must cleanse the unholy Upper Temple of Orcus in Rappan Athuk.

In exchange, everyone present received sudden deific knowledge of their calling, even Keeli of Cthulhu, Kati the Dervish, and those less even lawfully aligned. 50 XP!

Further, this knowledge included the forgotten or secret locations of powerful items that would be of great utility in this undertaking! Each seemed specifically attuned to the needs of the person, the Dwerfater apparently demonstrating a deep desire to see this mission to fruition.


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